Frequently Asked Questions about the Milwaukee Model T Club

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  1. Joining The Milwaukee Model T Club?
  2. Must I have Model T?
  3. What will I learn in this club?
  4. What kind of Events are there?
  5. Can I participate in Events?
  6. Are there any other benefits of the Club?
  7. Can I attend Board Meetings?

How do I Join the Milwaukee Model T Club?

At the home page, click the 'Become a Member' menu. From the menu choices, click on the 'Membership Form'. This will take you to the Membership form. Here you can enter all your information. You can then either e-mail the form directly to the Milwaukee Model T Club for consideration by clicking the email button at the bottom, or print the form and mail it the Club Treasurer. You will also have to mail in the $25.00 membership fee, again to the Club Treasurer. You do not need to own a Model T or any other classic car, to join our club. If you have any questions regarding membership or problems with the membership form please use the e-mail link below. You will also find a handy link that will take you directly to the membership form below. We are sure that you will enjoy your membership at the Milwaukee Model T Club.

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Must I have a Model T?

No. You are not required to own a Model T or any other car to join the Milwaukee Model T Ford Club. You do not need to have any knowledge of the Model T. You just have to have an interest in the Model T or want to be part of good group of people with an interest in Model T's or old automobiles in general.
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What will I learn in this Club?

You never know what you will learn at any time. You can attend any of the clubs events, such as parades, tours or seminars. Where you can engage in conversation and hands experience regarding most anything. The Milwaukee Model T Club is made of members from a diverse background. Our members have a wide knowledge regarding the Model T, automobile mechanics, metallurgy, machine tools, most anything mechanical or electrical. Plus many opinions on any subject of the day.

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What kind of Events are there?

The Milwaukee Model T Club sports many events. Each month there will be a board meeting, weekly get togethers at Tim's Garage, planned events like social events or car tours, tune up seminars, events with other Car Clubs, etc.. The Milwaukee Model T Club  generally participates in two 4th of July parades, a number of car tours (one over nighter) like the Model T Days in Hartford, Kern's private car Collection, social events like the President's dinner in November, the January Fish Fry, Spring Play, etc. bigger events like the EAA, and monthly board meetings. Please check out our 2009 events page and our past events page to get an idea of what we are about. Please use the links below.

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Can I participate in these Events?

All members and guests can participate in club events. We encourage guests to participate in hopes that they will then see that The Milwaukee Model T Club is quality outfit and is well worth the $25.00 per year membership fee.

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Are there any other benefits to the Club?

Besides all the comradely and events mentioned above, The Milwaukee Model T Club publishes a monthly newsletter called the 'Planetary News'. This newsletter provides the membership with news of club events, past and future, reports of what the Board of Directors are doing, interesting articles on what is happening at the weekly get togethers at Tim's Garage, and other projects, plus a few articles on members personal tours and other interesting items. Please use the link below to go to our newsletter page to preview the front pages of the 'Planetary News'.

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Can I attend Board Meetings?

Yes. All members are encouraged to attend Board Meetings. The club is guided by the board. The Calendar of events is set by the Board. If you as a member would like to add or change something, it can be considered at the Board Meetings.
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