Planetary News And Web Site Editor

Editor's Message for July 2016

This issue of the Planetary News is the 100th issue published under my editorship. I remember the board meeting at Kevin Esser's home where we discussed who would take over the responsibilities of publishing our Clubs newsletter. I volunteered, little knowing of the amount of work that is needed to produce a paper, month after month. There is; collection of information, pictures and details. Remembering to include everyone and spell their names correctly. Combining these into coherent articles. Organizing the text and pictures into a pleasing visual. Filling the pages with interesting and pertinent items. Error checking. Printing, mailing and posting on the Internet. This all can take quite a few hours each month. So.... we will see if I have another 100 issues in me or if I'll last that long. Anyway, it's been a pleasure. Don't forget to use that camera and send me anything you would like to see in the paper or on the website. After all, it's a group effort.