Milwaukee Model T Ford Club, Inc.



Election Procedures and Requirements


This article shall govern the election of the members of the board and the officers of the Club. This article is further supported by the "Election Committee Guidelines", which are to be filed with the Executive Secretary of the Club.

Section 1  The Board of Directors

1.0    The board shall consist of eleven (11) seats.

1.1    Four (4) seats shall be held by officers elected by the membership at the Annual Dinner meeting.

1.2     Seven (7) seats shall be held by directors elected by the general membership from a slate of candidates.

2.0    The term of office for an elected officer shall be for a period of two (2) years, plus following year as director.

3.0    The term of office for an elected director shall be for a period of one (1) year.

4.0    There shall be no succession of office, except in the event of a presidential vacancy, in which case the vice president shall assume the presidency for the remainder of that term.

5.0     There shall be no limit to the number of consecutive terms to which an individual may be re-elected to an office.

6.0     There shall be no limit to the number of consecutive terms to which an individual may be re-elected to the board.

Section 2  Election of the Board

1.0    The election shall be held during the month of October each year.

2.0    Each member in good standing as of October First of each year, shall be entitled to cast one (1) ballot at each election.

3.0    The election shall be executed by the election committee in accordance with the guidelines.

4.0    The newly elected directors shall be seated at the first Annual meeting in the Fall of each year.

5.0    The election committee shall execute the election procedures per Section 5.

Section 3  Qualification

1.0    To be eligible as a candidate for director, the individual must be a member in good standing.

2.0    Any current board member shall be eligible for election to any office.

Section 4  Vacancy

1.0    Vacancy in an office: With the exception of the presidency, the board shall determine if the other vacancies should be filled. If it is so determined that the office(s) should be filled, the election shall be made from the remaining directors. The member elected to a short term of office shall be granted the additional one (1) year seat on the board.

2.0    Vacancy in the directorship: The board will determine if the seat to be filled and will appoint a member, upon their consent, to the seat. The member appointed to fill a short term shall be seated only for the remainder of that term.

Section 5  Procedures

1.0    A formal request for nominations for the board shall be published in the July newsletter each year.

2.0     The committee shall be represented at the August board meeting to determine the number of seats open to election.

3.0    Nominations for elections will be received by the committee through September 15th of each year.

4.0    A nominations reminder shall be published in the August newsletter each year.

5.0    The committee shall make every possible effort to insure that the number of eligible nominees exceeds the number of Board seats open to election.

6.0    The Committee shall insure nominee eligibility per Section 3, item 1.0, of these By-Laws.

7.0    Ballots are to be printed prior to September 30th, with nominees names and voting instructions.

8.0    Ballots will be mailed to members in good standing by October 1st each year.

9.0    Ballots are to be returned, per instructions, by October 15th each year.

10.0    Within the week following October 15th, all members elected to the board will be notified.

11.0    Officers and directors for the upcoming year will be requested to attend the Annual Dinner meeting.

12.0    Officers will be elected by the general membership attending the Annual Dinner meeting by ballot.

13.0    If a member of the board is unable to attend the Annual Dinner meeting, they must let another officer or director know if they could or would not like to be nominated for an officer position and which positions.

14.0    Balloting shall be separate and sequential for President, Vice President, Treasurer and Executive Secretary, respectively.

15.0    Prior to the balloting for each office, declinations, if any, shall be determined.

16.0    Each member present at the Annual Dinner meeting shall recieve one (1) ballot for each office.

17.0    The committee shall collect the ballots, tally the votes and infom the members of their choices.

18.0    Appointments to Committees will be conducted at the Annual Dinner meeting.

19.0    Results of both the elections and the appointments shall be published in the next newsletter following the Annual Dinner meeting.