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The Greater Milwaukee Model T Ford Club was established in 1960 and has been serving members in southeastern Wisconsin since then. Our club is a group of people of all ages who gather together to share their enjoyment of cars from days gone by. This group participates in tours, parades and events with the sole purpose of having fun and putting smiles on the faces of the people they pass along the way. There are weekly gatherings for those interested in repairing and restoring their cars or helping other on theirs. If anyone has a problem with their restoration, our members gather and give them a helping hand. We generally have one club event per month, with more during the summer. The club's board meetings are generally on the first Wednesday of each month. Owning a Model T is NOT a requirement to belong to our club. Please roam though these pages and see some of our club's events and projects.

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127,737 T hits

Strawberry Fest June 25

Dairyland Lizzies Model T University

Dairyland LizziesInvited us to Yellowstone Tour

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